We're Up and Running!

Yay! Our website is finally up and running and I absolutely LOVE it! I don't think anything about the process of starting this business has given me as much stress, frustration and pride than building the site and pointing it to our domain! However, I did learn SO much from the experience, so if any of you guys need advice building your own website, I'm happy to help!

I haven't had much sleep the past two days. I think I was on the computer, typing in www.popheartpress.com, waiting for it to go from "under construction" to LIVE, about twice every minute for the last 48 hours! While I was waiting, to help tide my anxiety, I designed this animal counting poster. The color palette can be custom designed to match any nursery. Here are some examples.

In celebration of our website's grand reveal, I am giving a free shipping coupon for a custom designed animal counting poster to anyone who visits our website! Just let me know you dropped by the site by clicking on the "Contact" tab of www.popheartpress.com and sending the message, "Free Shipping Coupon!"

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