Educational Toys and a Fabulous Friday Freebie

Everyday, Kit and I look for teachable moments and learning opportunities in conversation and play with the boys. So, I am always on the lookout for great educational toys to add to their playroom and help with visualization while we build the fundamentals. Here are some awesome teaching tools I recently found on Etsy!

6. boardstiff

Adore these teaching toys, but you're on a budget? Then you'll love today's Fabulous Friday Freebie! A super duper DIY printable, these fill in the blank alphabet cards are the perfect compliment to one of my all time favorite games, "I Spy"! Simply click to download, print out the cards on 8.5 x 11 paper and cut on the dotted lines! Attach the flash cards to a clipboard, hand your little one a pencil, and give them 5 minutes to fill out as many cards as they can! Want to make it even more fun? Print out a second set for yourself, and make it a competition! Find out who can fill out the most cards!

Tip: If you're little learner isn't quite ready to spell what they see, have them draw pictures of the items that they find! Remember, the objective is for your kiddo to identify the sound that each letter makes and recognize words that begin with each letter!
You can also find this fabulous freebie at Today's Creative Blog and Teaching Blog Addict!


  1. For even younger learners, print, cut out, and attach double sided tape or ticky tac to the back of each card and have your child stick them on items around the house that begin with that letter!

  2. Heather, how did I miss this post? Great links, and thanks for the cool printable!

  3. Educational toys for children can teach them important concepts and existence abilities. That's why parents should be very selective when buying toys for their children.

  4. Educational toys help kids to attatin and improve essential life expertise. It also enhance the developmental skills in children.


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