Teaching States, Capitals and Postal Abbreviations

I just came across this blog post by fivej's (a blog stocked full of teaching resources and advice from a homeschooling mom) and knew that I had to share it with you! This is a MUST read for any teachers/parents looking for ways to help teach their kiddos the states, capitals and postal abbreviations. In it you will find a super teaching tool for "tech"-y learners, where kids can hover over the state names and postal abbreviations magically appear (How did she do that!?). This is a perfect way for students to quiz themselves quickly! And my absolute favorite part of the post is a FREE ebook, Learn the States and Postal Abbreviations, which includes printable maps, flashcards, and worksheets. Absolutely amazing! 

I also just learned about an awesome nationwide, 50 classroom, postcard exchange that will be happening this fall! You can find out more and sign up here. I have been really inspired lately by all of the geography themed lesson plans, teaching tools and games popping up in the blogging world! So much so, I spent last night creating a beautiful postcard perfect for the postcard exchange or even everday use! The "Greetings from..." card features a map silhouette of America with your state colored in and a heart on your hometown. You can view the listing in my shop, but here are some previews!

Of course, if you're planning on introducing the states and capitals to your little learners, these flash cards are perfect for game play, quizzing, and hanging as decorative educational art!


  1. this is the perfect idea that would motivate kids to learn this!

  2. your flash cards are super cool!


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