Fabulous Friday Freebie Valentines!

I know it's sort of early to start thinking about Valentine's Day, but I'm the sort of mom who is always about 2 days behind schedule and usually ends up giving her kids Valentine's to hand out a week past due! (Mostly because I'm far more unorganized than you would ever believe, but also because handing them out late means I get to buy the Valentine leftovers at Target for 50% off!)

But not this year! No, this Valentine's Day I will send my sons to school prepared with adorable, handmade, cheeky cards that they (and I) can be proud of! And I'll save money, too!

"How?", you ask. With these super cute, silly, and sweet FREE Valentine's Day card printables from some of my favorite blogs! I absolutely adore these colorful cards and cannot wait to get started printing and cutting! But since my secret not-so-secret habit of procrastinating has been ingrained in me for years, I must start now to get them done on time. Here's to making my family proud and not having to spend the rest of the school year avoiding their teachers!

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