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Geez Louise! Our town has had a head cold that's been circling us for weeks and weeks, and the cycle just won't end! I was hit really hard last week with a fever, chills, cough, sinus headache and runny nose (hence the blog sabbatical), and now that I'm finally starting to recover, everyone around me is catching it once again! Ugh! Looks like the boys and I will be hiding out in the house all this week. Which is sort of good news because it gives me more opportunities to share with you all of the goings on happening in Blogland lately!

I've just found out that Danni from the "Oh Hello Friend" blog is hosting a shop swap! Mid-February a group of online shops will share an exchange of their best goodies with a partner perfectly matched and handpicked by Danni herself! I think this is a fantastic opportunity for sellers to share and learn from one another and I. can. not. wait! If you own a shop, you should definitely consider jumping in! Slots are available until February 7th or we reach 100 people. Click below for more info.

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