Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

This is my all-time favorite Dr. Seuss quote! I inscribe this whimsical wisdom inside every baby shower notecard, but I also think it would look amazing as a vinyl wall decal in a playroom, library or nursery!


Tips for Expectant Moms

I can't believe it's been 3 years to date since I first visited with my doctor and saw two heartbeats blinking on the sonogram monitor! I felt like I couldn't breathe, think or hear anything around me. The earth stopped spinning and time stood still. I remember laying down, clenching Kit's hand and asking him if this was really happening. As we were leaving the office in a daze of disbelief, my doctor handed me not one, but two copies of What to Expect When You're Expecting. "One for each of your babies," he said! For the remaining eight months, I took those books everywhere I went, reading every excerpt over and over until I felt confident and prepared for the boys' arrival.

Today, Katie Moore, our guest blogger, has sent some words of wisdom for expecting moms to summarize and build on the list of what to expect when expecting.

Tips for Expectant Moms

Whether this is their first pregnancy or they already have children, women approaching their due date can be anxious about how it will all come together. With the proper preparation, however, mothers can avoid most of the stress completely. Here are six ways to help prepare for the big moment:

1. Take a childbirth class. Doctors and local hospitals have information on childbirth classes where women learn the stages of delivery, choices in pain management and about other potential delivery issues, what to expect immediately after birth, how to breastfeed or bottle feed, and 
much more

2. Make a childbirth plan
 In a birth plan a woman can write down her preferences for medication, which she wishes to have in the delivery room, how the baby will be feed post delivery and other similar decisions. This plan should be given to the doctor or nurse. Women should also be prepared for the chance that some part of the plan might need to be changed based on how the delivery goes. Talk with your doctor or do some 
research to determine the best way to construct your birthing plan. 

3. Plan a mode of transportation to the hospital. Women should arrange transport with at least two people, depending on whether the process starts during the day, at night, at work, at home, etc. The designated drivers should be familiar with the route.

4. Pack for the hospital. A couple of weeks before the due date is a good time to pack a hospital overnight bag.
  Items to include could be: pajamas or nightgown, a robe, clothes to wear home, toiletries and items such as a photo or musical CD – anything to make the stay as comfortable as possible.

5. Plan for childcare. Women who already have children should have a couple babysitting options available the moment it’s time to go to the hospital. This impromptu child care works best if the children have a chance to get to know the babysitter first, before the stress of the big day; relying on a family friend or relative who is willing to come at any hour is often best.

6. Plan for baby’s future needs. As much as expectant moms are looking forward to holding their newborns in those first moments, they should also think about the baby’s future. Looking into 
cord blood banking, for example, will ensure that the umbilical cord blood stem cells are saved as a potential medical resource for the baby or maybe a sibling. Another thing some pregnant women take care of before delivery is enrolling their child in day care.  Even though the baby won’t use the day care services for several months, waiting lists are often long so signing up as soon as possible will alleviate any necessary stress when the time comes.


Life with Twins

Jack has been doing this for quite a while now and I finally caught it on tape! Yay! I'm trying my best not to be an obnoxious overly boastful mommy, but I am so proud of my little guys! Only two years old and Jack is counting to twenty, all by himself!  I just had to share it with you guys!

And here's a little clip of Logan spelling his and brother's names during our "art" class. God has blessed me with the cutest, sweetest and smartest little boys!


What Teachers Do

A few of my teacher friends were floating this funny pic around Facebook tonight and I thought it was SPOT ON, too good not to share!


Shop Swap

Geez Louise! Our town has had a head cold that's been circling us for weeks and weeks, and the cycle just won't end! I was hit really hard last week with a fever, chills, cough, sinus headache and runny nose (hence the blog sabbatical), and now that I'm finally starting to recover, everyone around me is catching it once again! Ugh! Looks like the boys and I will be hiding out in the house all this week. Which is sort of good news because it gives me more opportunities to share with you all of the goings on happening in Blogland lately!

I've just found out that Danni from the "Oh Hello Friend" blog is hosting a shop swap! Mid-February a group of online shops will share an exchange of their best goodies with a partner perfectly matched and handpicked by Danni herself! I think this is a fantastic opportunity for sellers to share and learn from one another and I. can. not. wait! If you own a shop, you should definitely consider jumping in! Slots are available until February 7th or we reach 100 people. Click below for more info.