Pop Heart Press is a line of educational art, custom designed for the modern family to engage children in learning, introduce shapes, colors, animals, geography, numbers & letters, and pretty your house!

Our playful art prints, colorful flash cards, and modern teaching tools are perfect for inspiring everyday teachable moments and creating beautiful learning experiences for happy children who love to learn and parents who want the best for their family.

“At 2 years old, when the boys started counting to 20 
all by themselves, I knew I was on the right track!”

Three years ago, my husband and I were shocked, elated and overwhelmed to find out that I was pregnant... with TWINS! With years of experience as a first grade teacher, I immediately knew that I wanted to decorate their nursery and playroom with educational art. I imagined filling their bedroom walls with colorful, modern art prints that I hoped would engage my children and inspire interest and interaction. After a few unsuccessful shopping trips, and with pregnancy hormones raging, I gave up the quest and decided to design and print artwork for them myself. 

When my sons were four months old, I began introducing sign language and sight reading. As they started to recognize animals, letters and numbers from the art prints hanging in their rooms, I thought it would be a great idea to start designing and incorporating flash cards in our everyday teaching moments. We started with the animal sounds and counting flash cards, and at 2 years old, when the boys started counting to 20 all by themselves, I knew I was on the right track!

I believe teaching is a fun, easy and beautiful experience.

I love challenging myself to find hidden teachable moments within our day. To teach children when they are young is much more about playing, exploring, and discovering and much less about crayons, glue, worksheets and tests. If we provide activities that encourage children to move, create, discover, and ask questions, they will be learning so much more through their experiences than we could ever teach using traditional methods.

After I’ve designed a new poster or flashcards, I love sharing them with children! I thrive on modeling for parents what a teachable moment looks like using one of my products and the best feeling comes when parents see how easy, fun and unintimidating teaching their child really is!

I want parents to raise expectations for themselves and their children instead of placing all of their eggs in a teacher’s basket. No one loves and wants more for a child than their parent. And at the end of the day, or when your children are grown, no one will get more credit or blame for who they have become than you. Your child is the best representation of who you are. 

I love what I do because I feel the glow of inspired parents ready and willing to give their best to their children. I get to see immediate progress and excitement from children who love to learn because it’s fun. And I get to see parents hold their heads high and shine the biggest and brightest smiles out of pride from their child’s accomplishments.

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