No, not me! My little sister, Tracy, is getting married! She called me up from her Vegas vacation this weekend, midway through her 24th birthday celebration, and screamed in my ear, "I'M ENGAGED!" In my head it played a little bit like this:

LOVE that movie! Especially the scene where she screams, "I'm getting married! Aaah!"

I am so happy and excited for her! And even though she hasn't asked me yet, I've already started thinking about designs for her wedding invitation! Actually, 6 years ago, as I was planning my wedding, my graphic design career began when I decided to design my own wedding invitations! Back then, it was less common, more expensive and much more difficult to find the fancy boxed/foldover/pocket wedding invitations with satin ribbon that are still popular today. So, I drew the idea I had in my head on a piece of paper, handed it to my dad, and he designed and constructed the navy pocket folders that held my invitation, rsvp card + envelope, map with directions, etc. I designed the actual wording, font, and style of the cards and together, my mom and I threaded each satin ribbon through every handcrafted invite! They were absolutely breathtaking and one of the best designs I am still so proud of today!

Classic, simple, elegant, and timeless - all words I use to describe my wedding invitation, and great descriptions of these beautiful invites that I am totally inspired by as I think about the design for my sister's wedding!

I guess love is in the air as this wedding season approaches, because I was actually just recently asked to design a custom bridal shower invitation for a fan of my "home is where the heart is" moving postcards. She asked me to use the same style as the postcards to design an invite for her sister's party and here is what I came up with! I think they look fantastic! They actually just came off of the press today and I'll be mailing them out tomorrow! I can't wait to hear what they think!


  1. We love them and they will fit our Chicago/Cincinnati theme perfectly! Thank you for working with us and being so flexible!


  2. That's so sweet Meghann! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you! I shipped them today, so hopefully you'll get them Friday! I hope Katie loves them!


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