Meet the Teacher!

Tomorrow is "Meet the Teacher" night for my sister. She has been scrambling around like a madwoman for weeks now getting everything prepared for her kiddos to start school next Monday. Her efforts have really paid off! I absolutely love her superstars at the movie theme! Completed with popcorn buckets holding their supplies, movie ticket stub name plates, and (my favorite) a drive-in movie life sized mural in her reading nook, her classroom is an awesome, inspiring space that any student would be excited to learn in and parents proud to send their kids to!

As a special back-to-school gift, I made her business card magnets to pass out tomorrow night when she meets her new students and parents. I thought it would make a fantastic impression and would be a great way for parents to keep her info close-by all year long!

If you know a special teacher that would love to hand out these amazing magnets to their students this year, go to the Pop Heart Press shop to find out how you can customize this awesome teacher's tool to fit any classroom theme!

I also wanted to send out a congratulations to Grace, winner of the postcard giveaway hosted by Primary Graffiti, and a special thank you to Cheryl, superblogger/teacher extraordinaire! I also sent out a coupon code just for the contest participants in the comments section! Check it out now to find what you won!

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  1. I really impress to your innovative idea to make business card magnets instructed by your teacher. I also congratulate you.


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