A State Fair Birthday Party and A Fabulous Friday Freebie!

Happy Friday everyone! Wow! You have no idea how happy I am that it's Finally Friday! Here's what's playing in my head right now!

LOVE that song! I have been as sick as a dog for a week straight with a stomach bug and am finally starting to feel like myself again! Just in time too, because the boys will be turning TWO next Saturday and I am way behind on planning their party! I'm super disappointed because last year I went ALL out! I made their invitations, birthday banner, cupcake toppers, birthday hats, sewed a tablecloth and baked and decorated their cakes and cupcakes. Here are some pics from their first birthday party. It was a county fair theme at our church's annual family fair!

This year, I just haven't been able to get out of bed, so (I can't believe I'm about to admit this) I actually sent out store bought invitations! Ooh! That hurt! The boys' invitations were so cute last year! I was half tempted to just reuse them with new wording! But what's done is done. (*Hanging my head in shame!)

Here is a pic of their invitation from last year, front and back.
So, for today's Fabulous Friday Freebie, I have decided to do something extra fabulous! If you love this invitation as much as I do, click on the link at the very bottom to download your FREE blank invitation, ready for you to place and type in your personal party information. It will look like this:

But for my very favorite fabulous readers/party planners (that's you!), I am offering something extra special! If you're not quite savvy on how to type in your party info on the blank invitation, send me your party details (name, date, place, how old, rsvp data, etc.) to my email, popheartpress@yahoo.com, and I will design and email a pdf version of your invite for FREE! You can get it printed at your local printshop, or just let me know if you need help with that too, and I'll set up a custom listing for you in the shop for printing costs! Enjoy you guys! And wish me luck on planning the final details of their second birthday party! They grow up so fast!


  1. Heather! You should be proud of yourself for not stretching yourself too thin, especially while you're sick. It's okay to take shortcuts; and I'm glad you did.

    Congrats to you and your hubby....you're parents of TODDLERS now!!!

    Happy Birthday, Jack and Logan.


  2. Thank you so much Carina! I am so excited for the boys' party, maybe more so than they! I'll post pics next week!


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