Summer Reading

There is nothing my boys love more than reading books! And by "reading", I really mean "flipping through the pages and pointing out the few words they've begun to recognize (thanks to My Baby Can Read!) Kit and I also very much enjoy reading to them before they go to sleep at night. But our bedtime routine has become a bit too monotonous for me, so I think I'll load the boys in the stroller and walk to Barnes & Noble this afternoon to grab a few books off of our summer reading list. Here are some suggestions that might be perfect for your family this summer!

I also have to take a moment to plug my cousin, Emily Howse's, new book, Zitface. It was published this spring and is a great read for pre-teen and young adult readers! I am so proud of Emily for accomplishing her goal and realizing her lifelong dream of writing a children's book. Please check it out, it is so great!

Thirteen-year-old Olivia Hughes knows what she wants to do with her life—be an actress. And she’s already on her way. She just landed a national ad campaign that should get her noticed.
But then her luck runs out. A little pimple turns into a full-blown case of acne, with serious side effects for her career, relationships, and budding romance with J.W., the new guy at school.

Now all Olivia wants to do is hide, but she can’t. She goes from being the girl at school everyone wants to be…to Zitface, a girl who is teased, dumped, and even fired.

What do you do when you’ve lost control of everything in your life? Olivia has to find out the hard way. And maybe, what she finds isn’t so bad after all.

If you'll be adding any new books to your child's library this summer, these bookplates are the perfect complement! Get your kiddo excited about starting their summer reading list. Kids absolutely LOVE to peel and stick labels on their books, especially bookplates that are custom designed with their name, favorite color and likeness in silhouette!


The bookplates also make great gifts for high school graduates moving into their first college dorm or college graduates starting their teaching careers and building their classroom library!

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